EL (kesnit) wrote,

Sports Geek Time...

I have said for years that NCAA Division I-A football needs a playoff system. As this season has gone on, even the major sportswriters have started saying the same thing. What has happened/is happening tonight is proving it even more.

#1 Missouri is down 2 touchdowns to Oklahoma. Now, they can still come back and win the game, but it isn't likely.

#2 West Virginia just lost to unranked Pittsburgh.

#3 Ohio State hasn't play in 2 weeks, but that is just the way their schedule worked out. (The Big 10, OSU's conference, does not have a title game.)

#4 is Kansas, who lost to Missouri last week. Because of that loss, KU did not play for their conference championship. (That championship is the Missouri/Oklahoma game that is going on now.)

#5 is Georgia, who also did not play for their conference championship.

#6 is my beloved (Virginia Tech) Hokies, who won their conference championship earlier today. However, they have 2 losses, whereas Kansas only has 1. And one of those loses is to...

#7 LSU, who also won their conference today (which happens to be Georgia's conference). However, they also have 2 losses.

Then, there is #12 Hawaii who, if they beat Washington tonight (game starts in 30 minutes), will be 12-0.

So the great question... Who faces Ohio State in the National Championship game? An 11-1 team that did not even win their conference (Kansas or Georgia)? A 2-loss team that did win their conference (VT or LSU)? And how do you justify putting 2 teams with at least 1 loss in the game when there is a team that is undefeated?

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