September 3rd, 2009

Land Shark

Gratitude Project

I am WAY behind, so am going to skip a few days. Oops...

August 27: I'm grateful to the staff of the wing place at the mall who make amazingly good, just hot enough wings.
August 28: I'm grateful to the Geek Squad at Best Buy for figuring out what was wrong with my desktop and fixing it.
August 29: I'm grateful to my Contracts and Criminal Law professors  for giving  us the assignments through most or all of the semester so I can work several days ahead.
August 30: I'm grateful to the member of the law student community for posting the link to their case briefs. I don't copy them, but they make it a lot easier to understand what I am reading.
August 31: I'm grateful to the developers of Vampire: the Masquirade, Bloodlines for making a really good game that helps me destress.
September 1: I'm grateful to myself for remembering to put my rent check next to the door Monday night so I didn't forget to pay it today.
September 2: I'm grateful to the developers of Neverwinter Nights 2 for making an amazing game that so easily distracts me.