August 17th, 2009

Land Shark

First Day

I got through my first day of law classes. Of course, I only had 2 classes today. (Monday and Friday are my short days.)

My first class was Lawyering Process I - how to be a lawyer. The professor seemed really interesting and excited about what she is doing. As part of the class, we all had to come up with a "Six Word Memoir." Some were funny ("I am out of the Army.") Some were serious. Mine was "Some things just can't be told," which I explained means everyone has done things that either no one would believe, or we prefer to forget we did. That got a laugh out of the class.

I had heard my Property I professor has a tendency to go off on tangents. I saw that this morning. Class discussion was all over the place, although he said classes should be more focused from here on out. All I know is I couldn't keep up!

Tomorrow I'm in class (off and on) from 10AM to 4:15 PM. Long day, but I have a long lunch break.