July 30th, 2009

Land Shark

Moving and School Preps

After talking to 4 moving companies and getting quotes, I decided on one last night. I've already paid the down payment and signed the paperwork. They're coming next Thursday to load up all of my stuff and take it to Jacksonville. I should have my stuff back by Sunday or Monday. I'll UPS some bedding and such to my new apartment so I have something to sleep on while I wait for my furnature to arrive.

My undergraduate transcript was shipped from Tech yesterday, so it should arrive in FL early next week. I'll call the middle of next week and make sure it is there.

All the paperwork for my student loans is done and I am just waiting for the school to certify everything and then to get my money. Since the tuition has to be paid by the 17th, I am thinking about going to my credit union (financial aid award letter in hand) on Saturday and getting a loan for the amount I still owe, then pay it back once the loan check arrives. I can't cash out my retirement until I'm offically done with work, which is Aug 15. (Due to the way to pay cycle works, I'll be on annual leave 7 my last 10 days on the job.) I also won't get my sold-back leave until then.
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