July 13th, 2009

Land Shark


The life-long bacholor is on his way to being hitched. 

A few weeks ago, Sylvia brought up the possibility of getting handfasted before I left for Florida.  I admit the idea of the ceremony had occurred to me, but I had thought of putting it off until she moved to FL with me.  I agreed, with the caveat that I had veto rights to anything she or the priestess conducting the ceremony wanted to do.  (I specifically refused to jump over a broom.) 

When we checked our calenders, we found the only Saturday that worked for both of us was last Saturday, so that was the date.  We picked out rings (spinner rings with wave patterns) several weeks ago. I reviewed the ceremony and decided I could handle everything planned.

Overall, the ceremony was simple.  Sylvia's mother called Air (which she volunteered to do as soon as Sylvia mentioned the handfasting to her). Sylvia's brother (complete in kilt) called Earth.  The friend who originally intoduced us called Fire, and another mutual friend called Water.  The only screw-up came when the guy calling The God started reading the wrong paragraph in the script. (I was also convinced he was going to drop the wand on my head, but I managed not to get brained...) We were a little nervous about the ring exchange since our ring sizes are drastically different but the rings are identical. (Close observation shows which ring is larger, but we knew we would not have time for close observation during the ceremony. We solved that by tying colored thread around each ring, making it obvious who each ring belonged to.)

Then we had the fun of trying to get through the reception with our right hands tied together. Eating finger foods one handed is easy. Pouring drinks, not so much.

It is kind of weird wearing a ring on my left hand, but I am getting used to it. 

To those of you that were there, thank you so much for coming.  It meant a lot to have you there. :)
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