May 6th, 2009

Land Shark

Turning Me Purple

I play Vampire: the Requium on Tuesday nights. My character has multiple personalities, but in VtR, insanity can grant insight. In other words, I can occasionally give myself bonuses to skills or extra abilities though the power of my derangement. Obviously, the other players know about my insanity, but the characters do not. (My character doesn't even know. Her secondary personality knows about the primary, but the primary does not know about the seconary. Also, the primary does not know how she does these things - she thinks they are things any vampire can do.)

Recently, the party has been tracking a group of Mages who have been screwing with the spirits of the area. The party has no idea what the Mages are doing, but we've been told to find out and deal with it. So the party was sitting in the common area of our Haven (a bar we jointly own), discussing our plans. One of the others brings up our lack of knowledge, and I (the player) get an idea.

One of the additional abilities I can grant myself is the ability to see and communicate with the spirit realm. I grabbed the book and showed that to the ST (Storyteller). He nodded and put the scene in freeze until I rolled to determine my success. I rolled very well, and the ST told me that as I stared off into space, thinking, I saw a ghost appear on the table in front of me. Obviously, I start talking to the ghost, which freaks the other characters out because they cannot see or hear it. (They think my chracter is talking to the air.) Of course my character, still thinking this is something any vampire can do, is confused as to why no one else can see or hear it.

The ghost tells us what the Mages are doing, then asks if we can protect him from the Mages. One of the other characters (a sociopathic occult specialist) tells me to ask the ghost if he can shackle himself to an item in order to hold himself away from the Mages. After deciding the safest place for the ghost is inside our very secure Haven, I (in innocence) ask the ghost if he can shackle himself to my bedpost. Needless to say, this cracks everyone up (including an "and I thought I was kinky" from the sociopath).

But it gets worse. By this point, it's approaching closing time for the store where we play. So we're discussing what our characters are going to do during the week downtime. (The game runs in a real-time setting.) My character asks if the others want her to keep questioning the ghost (who has shackled himself to the table in the common area, not her bedpost). The sociopath looks at me and says, completely straight faced, "I want you to suck everything out of him that you can." I started shaking with laughter and bit my lip in an attempt to not crack up. I could also feel my face getting warm, so I knew I was blushing. The ST starts laughing and says "Look at that purple!"

Yeah, I was blushing so hard I went past red and into purple. It took about 10 minutes for my face to cool off enough that I didn't feel like I was in an oven.
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