March 24th, 2009

Land Shark

I Suck at March Madness

I just finished checking my brackets after last night's second round NCAA Women's BB games.

One bracket (Berkeley Regional) is completely shot. The team I picked to win the region (Tennessee) lost in the first round. The other team I picked for the regional final (Mississippi State) lost last night.

In the Oklahoma City Region, there is still a little hope for my bracket. One of the teams I had in the regional final (North Carolina) lost last night, but the other one (Oklahoma) plays tonight. If they lose, however, that bracket is also hosed. Actually, if they lose, everything is hosed since I picked OK to win the National Championship.

In the Trenton and Raleigh Regions, I did manage to pick the winners of the 3 games that have been played. That includes the team (Arizona State) that I picked to win their region and then get into the Finals.