March 17th, 2009

Land Shark

Out of Misery Come Bliss

Yesterday evening, I had a weird accident. I was eating dinner while watching a TV show I had recorded. While walking back from the kitchen, I tripped over something (no idea what) and fell between my futon and the coffee table. I managed to get my food to land on the plate and on the table. However, I landed on the metal bars of the futon, bruising my leg and wrenching my back.

My back wasn't much better this morning, so I took the day off to relax it. By mid-afternoon, I was moving without too much pain. So I decided to give myself a treat and fix my favorite food - Kraft Mac and Cheese - for lunch. I hadn't had it in quite a while because I hadn't been to the grocery store to get milk. But I just got milk, so could make my mac and cheese.

It was bliss...
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