January 27th, 2009

Land Shark

More Gaming Fun

I really enjoy D&D and have been in 3 different groups (at different times) since moving to DC. Last June, the latest edition (4.0) came out and I picked up the Player's Handbook, but had never actually gotten to try it.

This weekend, I finally did. I had found a group that plays 4.0 in MD and asked to join them. The group are all in their 30s and 40s, which is nice. (The 3.5 group I play in has some 18 year olds, and while I get along with them fine, they can be a bit immature.) I had made my character, but had no idea how well it would play and wasn't really sure what I was doing. (I'd read the rule books, but there is a difference between reading the rules and understanding them.) 

However, it went well. I had a good time, the people are great, the DM is good at what he does, and my character didn't suck! :) I got an e-mail from the DM, thanking me for my enthusism and for being on top of what my character can do. (In 4th Edition, all classes and races have special abilities, broken down between at-will, once-per-encounter, and once-per-day. At low levels - were at LVL 4 - it isn't too bad, but I can see it getting confusing at high levels.)