January 7th, 2009

Land Shark


I think I finally got my dehydration under control. The rain we've been getting for the past day has helped. However, the rain has led to another problem.

About 2 years ago, I dislocated my shoulder in a freak accident. It popped back in and I went to PT. Since then, my shoulder has been a little "loose," so to speak. Aching at times, popping a little, nothing major. Also, I tend to sleep on my side, meaning I am sleeping on my hurt shoulder. Between the cold rain, the normal ache, and sleeping on it, my shoulder has been giving me fits. It doesn't seem to be in danger of dislocating again, but I have a constant dull pain, plus it tends to stiffen up if I don't move it.

(shaking head) I'm getting old... :)
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