December 26th, 2008

Land Shark


The movie. Not my dog.

Mom and I went to see that movie this afternoon. (She likes going to the movies, but Dad doesn't, so when I'm in for a few days, she takes me.) I'd heard mixed reviews about it, but thought it was pretty good. The only issue Mom and I had was that we didn't know who some of the characters were. ("OK, so this general is in the plot. Who is he? OK, this other guy is a retired general?") At the end, it showed the primary conspirators (including Tom Cruise) being shot, mixed in the the arrest of non-primary plotters, showing their name and execution date and scenes of a guy talking in a court room. We couldn't figure out who some of the arrested ones were, or who the guy in the courtroom was.

I would say the movie is worth seeing, but read up on the plot before you go.