September 23rd, 2008


I Cry For My Country

I have started volunteering at the local Barak Obama office, doing data entry. (Other volunteers call people and get their opinions, then I enter the results in the database.) The caller can also make notes about what the person they spoke to said.

Most of the calls are marked "not home." A few are requests not to call them again. But a small number actually speak to the caller and answer their questions. Most are strong Democrats and Obama supporters. Some are still undecided. Then we get ones like I saw last night...

As you can guess from the lead-up, she is a strong McCain supporter, but that wasn't the worst of it. In the margin, the caller had noted the callees words - "Obama doesn't believe in the Bible."

First, per the Constitution, there is no religious test for elected office. Of course, that doesn't mean voters can't create one. However, how can someone think - after the whole Rev Wright debacle - that Obama isn't a Christian?