December 17th, 2007

Land Shark

Relaxing Weekend and Wind

I had a wonderful weekend. Other than a holiday party Saturday night and a few errands, it was just me and the dogs. I got a lot of reading done and finally got around to starting one of the video games I had rented.

The weather managed to stay reasonable. Much better than the ice and snow they were predicting for us. :) The wind has been awful for the past 2 days, but oh well. Layering! (I wasn't sure I would ever be warm again after taking the dogs out this morning in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a T-shirt. (And boots, but my feet didn't get cold.)

But now it is back to the grind of work. Thankfully, there isn't a lot going on, so I don't have to think much. :)
Land Shark

Job Possibility

When I got home this evening, I noticed I had a message on my cell phone. It was from a job I had applied for (and really liked the sound of), but since I hadn't heard anything, I thought I was out of the running.

I'll call the woman back tomorrow morning and see what she says. (crossing fingers).
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