November 19th, 2007

Land Shark

Censorship in Video Games

Or: How I decided I'm an adult and can view what I want

Another cRPG (computer RPG) came out at the end of October, about the same time as Hellgate: London. (It's called "The Withcher" and is based on a series of Polish graphic novels.) I knew I wanted it, but put it off because I was dying for HGL. I went to to check out the reviews of the game and found out that there are 2 English versions - censored and uncensored. The publisher, fearing an AO (Adults Only) rating in the US, chose to "clear up" some of the language and sexual innuendos in the version sold here. (From what I read, it's nothing that could be called porn. Just crude language.)

A few people thought of ordering the uncensored UK version from, but found out won't ship the uncensored version to a US address. However, one commentor said he had found a site that would ship it. So last night, I went in and made my bid for free speech in America. I ordered the uncensored version.

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