EL (kesnit) wrote,

One Down, 5 to Go

As of 3:50 yesterday, I am finished with my first semester of law school. It's kind of strange to know that I have nothing that has to be done. No reading, no case briefs, no studying. Just a month off.

I have no idea how I did on my finals. My Property final was a nightmare, but we all knew it would be. The professor likes to throw in things we never covered in class, so a lot of it comes down to how good of a guesser or mind reader you are. The good news is that all classes are curved, so it doesn't matter how I did, but how I did compared to how everyone else did. Crim Law bothers me, because I know I blew the second essay. Multiple choice, short answer, and the first essay I'm pretty sure I did well. The last essay, I know I blew, and I knew it at the time. I threw as much applicable info in as I could, so I should get some points for it, but for the most part, I screwed it up. Contracts was pretty straightforward, mostly just a data dump. I have no idea about Torts. I wrote the heck out of the essay, and was still typing when the professor called time. (Unlike the other 3, the Torts essay and multiple choice were seperated. Rather than 3 hours to complete both, we had 80 minutes per part with a break in between.) The good news is that I'm pretty sure I found and discussed all the issues. The multiple choice is anyone's guess, as the professor is a sadist with his questions. Out of 4 or 5 possible answers, 2 can usually be eliminated right off, but the others require a lot of thought and analysis to decide which is the "best" answer.

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