EL (kesnit) wrote,

Gratitude Project

OK, so I'm behind again...

August 16: I'm grateful to my computer for giving me a way to waste my last day before starting law school. I got tired of unpacking, so I played video games all day. Yes, it was worth it!

August 17: I'm grateful to my classmates who told me that I had to come up with a "Six-Word Memoir" for my first class before class started. (The professor had posted the assignment in a place I didn't know assignments could be posted.) This gave me enough time to come up with one before class started.

August 18: I'm grateful to my dogs for not being too demanding so I can get all my assignments for Wednesday done.

August 19: I'm grateful for having a shower where the water temperature can be adjusted. (The shower in my last apartment had only "cold" and "scalding.")

August 20: I'm grateful to Sylvia for being understanding when I told her I was falling asleep before 10PM.
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