EL (kesnit) wrote,

First Week

Other than 1.5 hours of Torts tomorrow, I have survived my first week of law school.  All in all, it isn't as bad as I feared, but worse than I hoped.

The amount of reading is overwhelming. I had about 80 pages to read for Criminal Law before the first class. (Though I admit no other class was that bad, and the rest of the Crim Law reading assignments are shorter.) Not only do we have to read the assignments, we have to "brief" all the cases. (Briefing means writing a short summary of the case, including the court's decision and reasoning, to be able to discuss it in class.) 

Lawyering Process: A combo of Introduction to the Legal System, How to Think Like a Lawyer, How to Write Like a Lawyer, and Basic Legal Procedures. (How to write client letters and the like.) Shouldn't be too hard and should be a good basis for the rest of law school.
Property: Yeah... How to describe this class... Let's start by saying the professor acts like he has ADD. He bounces from topic to topic and idea to idea. Everyone I've talked to is a bit overwhelmed with the class. We have no idea where anything is going or what we are supposed to be learning. This could be a LONG year...
Contracts: I admit, I was dreading this class because I thought it would be dull. I'm rather surprised, as the professor does a good job of keeping the class and discussion moving, and the cases are interesting. (Our first one dealt with those annoying EULA no one ever reads when they install software.The professor commented she spent a lot of years doing cyber law.) Plus, the professor has a great sense of humor. (She is from Boston and announced in the first class that all Yankee's fans automatically lose 10 points from their final total.)
Criminal: This one I was looking forward to since this is what I think I want to go into. The first class seemed a little chaotic, but today's was more on-topic. The professor isn't as energetic as Contracts or Torts, but the subject is interesting and discussions can get really in-depth.
Torts: (For anyone who doesn't know - and I didn't - torts are civil actions dealing with damage to another person or another person's property. The McDonald's hot coffee case is an example of a tort.) I think I'll really like this professor. He is very laid back, blunt, and funny. As for the topic, it should be good.
PASS: Stands for Pathways to Academic Success Seminar. It's a required Pass/Fail class for first years, designed to teach the how to study. Of course, we are all college graduates (and some people in my class have graduate degrees), so you'd think by now we would have the idea. To add insult to injury, the professor I got stuck with is BORING! I started doodling in my notebook to pass the time. Thankfully, this class is only 1 hour a week.


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