EL (kesnit) wrote,

Gratitude Project

I'm a few days behind because of the move. Anyway...

August 5: I'm grateful to the Security Officer who let me keep my ID badge until the end of my last day, rather than turn it in at 9AM. That way I didn't have to ring the doorbell every time I wanted into my work space.

August 6: I'm grateful to the movers for showing up on time and being so helpful and professional while loading my stuff into the car. I am also grateful to Sylvia for cleaning my apartment while I ran all the last minute errands that had to be done.

August 7: I'm grateful for the customer service rep at Jacksonville Electric for figuring out why the deposit I overnighted to have the electric turned on did not arrive and turning my electric on anyway. (I used the postal service, not FedEx. USPS just delivers to a central location rather than accounting.) I am also grateful to Sylvia for recommending we stop on the road so we can rest and get a good night's sleep.

August 8: I am grateful to the Comcast Cable guy for hooking up my cable. I am also grateful to on-site maintenance for not berating me when I couldn't figure out how the themostat on my AC worked.

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