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Yup, I am officially moved to Jacksonville. We left about 8AM yesterday and made it as far as Savannah, GA. We probably could have made it the rest of the way, but I was getting tired and the idea of getting out of the Jeep, getting a good dinner, and sitting on something that wasn't moving was too tempting. So we stopped at 7, checked into a hotel that takes dogs, then went to Waffle House for dinner. (I love Waffle House and have missed them while living around DC.) 

This morning, we got going about 8:30 and arrived at the complex about 10:45. The cable guy came to connect the cable (including internet) about 1. Now Sylvia and I are off to (1) find lunch, (2) find a Toys R Us/Babies R Us to buy a baby gate (to block the dogs in the bedroom and bathroom), and (3) get a money order for the pet deposit, which the complex forgot to tell me I would need when I moved in.

The dogs are confused. They keep wandering around, trying to figure out where they are and where the stuff is. (The movers should be here tomorrow.)
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