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Moving and School Preps

I start law school in 48 days.

I've given notice to my current apartment complex that I will be leaving. I'm going to Jacksonville the weekend of July 17 to find a place to live there. My apartment is getting organized and straightened up, thanks to Sylvia. (I can't find anything I own since she has put everything away, but it will make packing up easier.)

All the documentation for federal financial aid has been submitted and I should get my offer package soon. The $10,000 scholarship I've got will help a lot. (I think that's the amount.) I finally got my application for the GI Bill in as well. (I had the form filled out, but needed to get my discharge papers scanned in to attach.)

I submitted my formal resignation, effective August 15. (Most of the last 2 weeks will be leave, though.) I need to start cleaning out my cubicle, but that will mostly involve throwing stuff away or shredding it. I have finished all the on-going projects I had and obviously am not being given any more, so work has become mostly doing whatever comes up.

On a non-professional note, I found the contact information for the Vampire: the Requiem live-action RP group in Jacksonville and sent the POC an e-mail last night, asking for info on their game. I have my character mostly put together for that as well, so should be able to step in once I move.


Jun. 30th, 2009 02:30 pm (UTC)
So many changes, and so many are good (fantastic even). I'm really happy for you and know you will weather any challenges and continue to come out ahead. Congratulations.

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