EL (kesnit) wrote,

Theon Beatlebane!

Every other Sunday, I play in a 4ed D&D group. Yesterday, several of the players couldn't be there, so we decided to make new LVL 1 characters and run through the adventure that comes in the starter kit.

The Players Handbook 2 came out last week, which includes the Sorceror class. As with most classes, there's 2 build-types you can choose - Dragon Magic and Chaos Magic. The Chaos Magic is the continuation of 2nd and 3rd Editions Wild Mage, complete with unexpected spell effects and class abilities changing based on recent die rolls. I loved the Wild Mage, so decided that I would play a Halfling Chaos SORC, who I named Theon.

I build my character quickly, the other 2 players already had characters built, so we got to playing quickly. The first thing we had to do was intorduce our characters and why they are out adventuring. The other two had thought out backstories, whereas all I had in mind was "my character is insane." Thinking quickly, I said he's been hearing voices all of his life, telling him to do things. When he finally did, he was shocked to find the abilities the voices told him about were true. Now he's out, learning what he can do.

Our first encounter went well. Nothing too challenging and we won with little effort. Our second, however...

I started by using one of my more powerful abilities (1 use/encounter) to set one of the goblins we could see on fire. That worked great. What didn't work so well was the 4 rats and 2 firebeatles that appeared from the rubble around the room. Our Warforged Fighter ended up taking on the rats, and the beatles came after me and the Half-Elf Warlock. The Warlock took his down in a few turns. I wasn't so lucky. I have an at-will power that allows me to move 1 square and attack, so I used that over and over. Since we were in a hallway, the only way I could move was back. I ended up backing into the room we had just left, the beatle following me and attacking. I finally took it down (then said my guy was dancing on its corpse) about the same time the Fighter and Warlock finished off the rest of the monsters. And so my PC's nickname was born...

Of course, I did get "revenge" in the next encounter. A monster-caster that the players have seen before (and hate) was in the next room. Things were going well for us, however, until the caster pulled the Fighter away from where he wanted to be. Not liking this, Theon "heard the voices telling him to kill the caster." So I pull out my most powerful ability (1 use/day) and attack. I hit, and start picking up 3 10-sided dice. (The Fighter's player saw how many I was picking up and said "keep picking them up...") Max damage was 32. I rolled 24. One round (and one major hit from the Fighter) later and the caster was (in the DM's joking terms) casting in hell.

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