EL (kesnit) wrote,


I promised myself I would start going to the gym again. I had every intention of doing it last week, but didn't. Today, I wasn't going to back out.

So I made it to the gym. Had a nice workout. A little easy, but it's been so long that I wasn't sure what I could still do. I suspect my legs will hurt a little tomorrow, but that is not a bad thing.

Could someone please explain to me the concept of going to the gym, but not breaking a sweat? I was only half-way paying attention to the woman on the bike next to me, but I did notice she was talking to her friend on the other side of her and barely peddling. It wasn't that she was just in a cool-down phase, as I was next to her for 15 minutes. It wasn't that she was struggling, since, as I said, she was chatting away with her friend.

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