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Back from South Carolina

I got back Saturday from my trip to SC. Not for fun, of course (me? Do something fun?) The IT system I am the project lead for included training as part of the contract. So for 1 week, I herded three groups of people (for 1.5 days each) through training. Thankfully, I didn't have do give any training myself. I just had to be a gopher and problem solver.

After I got back, Cox came in to switch my cable. I can't say anything about the TV since I almost never watch TV. However, my Internet is MUCH faster now! :)

EDIT: As I feared, you can't read my new userpic. It says

Please adopt Firefox
He's friendly.
He's safer.
He's all-around better.
So why not?

Well, I thought it was cute. (And I do like Firefox.)
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