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Early Brainwashing

My office building is on Pennsylvania Ave, which connects the White House and the Capitol. So it isn't uncommon to have protests or rallies march by, or see people going to/from such events on the streets.

I posted this to another forum, but think it needs to go here as well...

On my way to lunch today, I saw some people unrolling a sign that said something about life. (I wasn't paying too close of attention at the time.) As I walked into the food court where I was going to eat, I passed several large groups of teenagers who were obviously going to the rally. I got curious and wondered what the event was, but again, didn't think too much of it. (I hadn't made the connection to the anniversary of Roe v Wade yet.)

After lunch, I had an errand to run and went to the Metro station. On my way, I saw a sign for Knights of Columbus that said something about life. At that point, I figured out what the rally was about. (I also saw a church bus with a lot of little kids on it, but I don't know where it was going.)

On my way back from the errand (about an hour later), I saw a large group of more teenagers coming back from the rally, escorted by a nun. (Who, ironically, looked pregnant!)

As I went back to my office, I realized the only people I had seen relating to the rally were teenagers or adults who were chaperoning the teens. I couldn't help wondering how many of those kids know anything about unwanted pregnancy or abortion and how many just say they are pro-life because they've been taught that "abortion is of de DEBIL!"

I will admit, I consider many (though not all) pro-life activists to be hypocrites, so I was probably judging them too harshly. But it still made me want to scream...

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